Evelyn McKelvie is a certified Executive Coach and author who specializes in working with teams and individuals who want to create better ways of relating in the workplace and overcome barriers to success.

Prior to devoting herself full time to her current role as Founder of Evelyn McKelvie Coaching and Consulting and Equine Coach, Evelyn worked for many years in leadership positions in large, medium, and small organizations both not-for-profit as well as for-profit, most recently as a senior manager in IT at the University of British Columbia.

Evelyn has developed a unique coaching modality which incorporates principles from the latest  in neuroscience and emotional intelligence research. Certified to deliver EQ-I 2.0 assessments and graduated from.

In her equine facilitated coaching work Evelyn works with individuals and teams to create interactions with horses on the ground (no riding involved) which offer people unique opportunities to go deep fast and develop greater self-awareness, mindfulness, and leadership capabilities.

Evelyn has a degree in Music from the University of British Columbia (1994), a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (2008), a diploma in Computer Programming (2000) and is certified to administer Emotional Intelligence assessments (EQ-I, 2009) and in 2017 graduated from the Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Program for Coaches. Evelyn is also a certified horse trainer with many years of experience working with dozens, if not hundreds, of horses.

Evelyn is the author of The Executive Horse:  21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses and speaks on topics related to coaching, mindfulness and neuroscience.