Equine-Facilitated Sessions

A pioneer in the development of equine-facilitated coaching, Evelyn McKelvie is an accomplished horsewoman and graduate student of the renowned Chris Irwin. Evelyn now sets the bar in this amazing, innovative coaching method.

What happens in a coaching session between a client and a horse is intimate, personal, unpredictable and, in some ways, mysterious. I am not trying to be coy, but the fact is that being in a wordless communion with a sentient being of considerable size, power, and an enormous energetic field is a deep profound experience.”
–Evelyn McKelvie.

Learning occurs when we engage our senses and emotions, and let go of stress. In these ideal conditions we can lay down new neural pathways—in essence, change our brains by what we think about. Engaging emotion and the five senses will light up more circuits, thus assisting in the creation of new neural pathways.

Coaching with horses does just that: fosters deeper mindfulness and engages our whole being, laying the ideal groundwork for insight and growth.

(Note: All ground work—no riding. Please inquire regarding availability in your area. Options are available to include travel and accommodations to a serviced area.)

Vancouver, BC, Canada is a preferred destination for many of Evelyn’s corporate clients looking for a unique retreat for high-level management, as well as her private clients seeking to fast track their professional performance agendas.

Evelyn is the author of
The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses.
Available on Amazon or through equinecoach.ca