Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a cooperative alliance in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires maximum personal & professional results.

EQ = ML + (A+P) +CC

The Trifecta of emotional intelligence (EQ) i.e. a combination of Mindful Leadership (ML), Awareness and Presence (A+P) and Conscious Communication (CC).

Leadership Instincts

Some say that leaders are born, not made, but I say that leadership instincts exist within us all and can be nurtured and honed. Great leaders stand out because they have developed the skills of emotional intelligence—especially emotional self-awareness, assertiveness balanced with empathy, problem-solving capabilities, and, most importantly for managing stress and maintaining resilience—flexibility. 

Professional Presence

More than simply wearing the right clothes and having a firm handshake, professional presence is the ineffable sum total of how people see and remember you. Your presence is something that you yourself cannot see. It is more than Emotional Intelligence and yet relies heavily on it. Cultivating professional presence will enhance your power to influence and communicate effectively.

Workplace Results

What workplace results are you creating? Securing funding for that major project you want to move forward? Driving up revenues in your business by overcoming issues with your partners?  Communicating and acting on your latest strategic plans? Finally landing your place in the C Suite? 

Whatever your goals, performance coaching can help to get you there. Faster.